人们在驾驶汽车时使用普通的蓝牙耳机通常会遇到接听麻烦,佩戴复杂,容易丢失、到处寻找、忘记充电,只能连接一台手机等等问题。艾比克实业有限公司重新定义蓝牙耳机,为大家解决了以上所有行车中遇到的问题,推出一款外观精致、永不断电、迷你便携的蓝牙车充耳机-Q10,蓝牙耳机与车充的完美结合,随充随用,耳机永不断电,同时也可为您的电子设备供电,只为您平安驾驶。耳机外观采用简单的圆形几何体设计,简洁大气,耳机体积小、佩戴舒适。行驶过程中接到来电,拿起耳机立即接听,放下即挂断,同时可以与两台手机同时连接,连接任何一台来电都可以接听,无需额外操作,保证行车安全。耳机采用创新吸入式充电设计,自带隐藏充电接口,底座连接点烟器,行车过程中持续为耳机充电,保证续航无忧。强磁铁底座,自动吸附到位,不易丢失。双USB接口输出,采用智能充电IC, 自动识别手机充电电流,调整输出电流的大小,保证安全高效。车充底座采用防电磁,免干扰结构设计,在最小的空间里确保产品稳定性和舒适性。产品外壳采用航空级别铝合金材质坚固耐用,表面喷砂氧化,光滑细腻,质感出众,是市面上独一无二的设计。

When people are driving and using their bluetooth headsets, they often encounter problems with receiving the calls, wearing complications, losing them easily, looking for them, forgetting to charge them, can only be connected to one mobile phone and other issues. Aibike Industrial Company has redefined bluetooth headsets to resolve the problems above. It has launched an exquisite looking, perpetually charged and mini portable bluetooth car headset - Q10 - a perfect integration of the bluetooth headset and car charger that can be charged while in use. It is a headset that is always charged. At the same time, it is able to provide power for their electronic equipment so users may drive safely. The headset has a simple, circular geometric design with clean lines and is stylish. It is small in size and is comfortable to wear. When there is a call while driving, users can receive the call. Putting it down will disengage the call. It can also be paired the headset to two mobile phones. Calls from any one mobile phone may be answered. No additional operating steps are necessary so it will be safe during driving. The headset uses the insert type of charging design. Users need to have their own hidden charging interface. Its base connects to the cigarette lighter. The product continues charging the headset as users drive. Users will be assured that there is no concern as users continue their journey. The strong magnetic base has automatic adsorption. The dual USB interface output uses the intelligent charging IC, an automated identification of the mobile charging current and adjusts the strength of the current, ensuring safety and high efficiency. The base of the car charger is designed to be anti-electromagnetic and with anti-interference structure. It ensures product stability and comfort in the smallest space. The external shell of the product uses aviation-grade aluminium alloy material that is strong and durable. Its surface is sandblasted, shiny, smooth and delicate looking. It has excellent texture and is a very unique design in the market.

制造商 / Manufacturer

深圳市艾比克实业有限公司, 中国

Shenzhen ABC Industrial Co Ltd, China


设计方 / Design


In-house Design


Marion Zhang

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