3W 全 TPE 健康汽车脚垫

3W Full TPE Healthy Car Mats


目前90%以上的汽车都会安装汽车脚垫,但是现有汽车脚垫通常使用PVC/丝圈/皮革等不环保材质, 散发甲醛、苯等有毒物质,严重损害车主健康;并存在脚垫清洗困难、脚垫不贴合等行车安全等问题。3W全TPE健康汽车脚垫是一款可以解决现有问题的全新产品。 脚垫采用超级环保材料TPE生产(TPE一般用于生产婴儿奶嘴/牙刷等产品,无胶黏剂等有害物质),100%TPE确保100%健康; 3W汽车脚垫扫描专车3D数据精准匹配原车达到极致贴合,采用注塑成型工艺制造,无拼接无针缝极易清洗 ; 脚垫双层扣件结构设计与原车底部固定更加稳固、更加安全;结合原车元素极简的设计风格也赋予了脚垫一种全新的格调,上部个性踏片可以随意更换更能极大限度满足车主个性需求。

More than 90% of the car-owners will purchase car mats, most of car mats are made of PVC / wire loop / leather material which are not environmentally friendly, emitting formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, which can seriously do harm to the car-owners’ health. It is difficult to clean, and causes traffic safety problems and other issues. 3W full TPE healthy car mat is a new product which can solve the existing problems. TPE is generally used in the production of baby pacifiers / toothbrush and other products, contains no adhesive and other harmful substances, 100% TPE to ensure 100% health; through scanning car 3D data, 3W car mat can achieve the ultimate fit to the original car; injection molding process has no stitching, no needle stitching and is easy to clean; double-decker fastener design allows the original car mat to be fixed at the bottom, more stable, more secure; minimalist design style also gives the mats a new style, the upper personalised tread can be replaced to meet the individual needs of each owner.

制造商 / Manufacturer

台州市黄岩震亚汽车用品有限公司, 中国

Huang Yan Zhenya Auto Supplies Co Ltd, China


设计方 / Design


Hangzhou Wemore Industrial Design Co Ltd

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