Dh Seriaition 全景多目摄像头

Panorama Multi-Camera


产品特征属多目摄像头家族,让产品在同一元素下,形成系列感,从而让品牌和视觉冲击力得到更好的突出,提高产品影响力和知名度。在家族化体系下,产品所要表达的是通过产品设计来突出产品的功能性与产品的品质感。产品适用于多大型场景, 可3 6 0度、180度全景拍摄,拍摄距离更是可达到200米,通过智能算法将图像拼接, 让产品的更加智能化与科技化。

This product is a member of themulti-head camera family. Designedwith the same elements, the camera,together with other products in theseries, highlights the visual effectsand enlarges the brand effect at last.In its family system, this cameraemphasises its functions and qualityby its delicate design.The product can be used in largescalemulti-scale environment. Itshoots 360-degree, 180-degreepanoramic scene. The shootingdistance is up to 200 meters. Andthe images turn out through theintelligent algorithm mosaic, whichshows the intelligence of the product.

制造商 / Manufacturer

浙江大华技术股份有限公司, 中国

Dahua Technology Co Ltd, China


设计方 / Design


In-house Design




He Haiyang,

Chen Li,

Li Wei

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